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news: nerf Blade of the ruined king

news: nerf Blade of the ruined king
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RiotSuperfoxman has this announcement to share!



Hey guys,

We’re hotfixing Blade of the Ruined King tonight based on community feedback and the state of the live game.


Blade of the Ruined King – Hotfix


• Attack Damage reduced to 25 from 30
• Combine cost increased to 1000 gold from 650 (total cost increased to 3200 gold from 2850)
• Active heal amount is now reduced by the target’s Armor
• Maximum damage dealt to minions and monsters reduced to 60 from 90


Blade of the Ruined King is simply too cheap for how powerful it is
As an item that should be primarily used for countering health stacking, it was simply too cheap for its current utility. To reduce its cost effectiveness, we are slightly reducing Attack Damage and increasing combine cost.

The active heal will now be reduced by the target’s Armor
Currently the active heals for 15% of the target’s maximum Health regardless of the target’s Armor. With this change, building Armor will now reduce the amount of health obtained from the active making Armor an even more effective counter to Blade of the Ruined King.

We’re reducing the maximum damage dealt to minions and monsters.
Currently Blade of the Ruined King provides far too much power against neutral objectives (ex: Baron, Dragon) and unintentionally trivializes these difficult encounters. By reducing this aspect of the item, we can focus on its core purpose of countering high-health enemies.




Essentially the item will be weaker and more expensive; albeit not by much. BotRK’s popularity will most likely plummet, even though it didn’t get nerfed very hard. In fact, the only mechanic to be hit significantly is the active health leech, which will now be affected by Armor, i.e it will actually count as physical, not true damage. In a late game scenario where an enemy bruiser is essentially cutting your DPS in half, that’s a 50% reduction. The capped DPS against neutral objectives (Dragon and Baron) is also getting reduced by a third. This was a rather unfair advantage as teams often were not capable of contesting Dragon due to the speed at which it was killed. Hey, maybe this will bring back Wriggle’s Lantern! Eh, maybe not…

So is BotRK still competitive? Since it’s now more expensive than a Bloodthirster it will be a more situational pick, as it should be. I don’t expect it to lose that much of its power, but still, it will definitely see a decline in its popularity.

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